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Paint sealant is designed to protect a car’s surface and provide a flawless mirror-like finish. North Scottsdale Mobile detailing utilizes a paint sealant that is a synthetic blend composed of proprietary polymers that provide a quality finish. Paint sealant is chemically engineered to bond to a car’s surface allowing it to last much longer than a traditional carnauba wax. It also helps by protecting your car from ultraviolet rays and acid rain, to protect your car’s paint from fading and losing its original shine. In Arizona paint sealant protects your cars paint for up to 6 months, making it easier to wash while reducing your paint from scratching and marring.

Paint Correction helps remove scratches and oxidation on a vehicle’s paint, caused by being exposed to natural elements. Buffing and polishing a vehicle leaves your car scratch free, achieving a like new finish. Buffing can also remove overspray and graffiti from a cars paint. At North Scottsdale Mobile Detailing we use a machine buffer to remove an old layer of paint, revealing a new and immaculate layer of paint.

Engine Bay Shampooo  is great for making a car look clean and well kempt before selling, providing the buyer with confidence of a well maintained vehicle, while potentially increasing the resale value. Cleaning and degreasing your engine bay also helps your engine run cooler especially in this warm Scottsdale climate. Cleaning your engine bay also helps extend the life of the vehicle by removing excess dirt and oil from the engine bay. Removing excess dirt and oil from the engine bay can also improve the overall safety of your car, reducing the risk of fires caused by built up grease and debris.

Clay bar treatment removes contaminants from a cars painted surface allowing for a smooth glossy finish. The process removes contaminants visible and nonvisible to the naked eye, prepping it for a great finish using paint sealant and wax. It’s recommended to have a clay bar treatment twice a year keeping your car’s surface flawless and smooth. North Scottsdale Mobile Detailing will have your car looking showroom ready with a clay bar treatment.

 Headlight restoration refinishes headlight lenses that have becomes discolored due to UV rays and road debris. This service is recommended to improve your driving safety by letting more light to pass through the lens allowing for brighter illumination while driving at night. North Scottsdale Mobile Detailing will have your headlights looking brand new and leaving you with a safer and more enjoyable drive.

Shampooing your vehicle’s carpet and upholstery helps remove stains and odors that reside in the fabric. Our shampoo process lifts and extracts dirt from deep within the fabrics to allow for an odorless and clean car interior. Shampooing your carpet and upholstery also helps remove dirt and grime tracked in from the bottom of your shoes. Shampooing removes food, spilled beverages, sweat, and body oils along with various other contaminants from the interior of your vehicle. This service is recommended for vehicles with stains and odor. North Scottsdale Mobile Detailing uses a hot water extractor for the best possible results.

We are equipped to remove all types of pet hair, and provide on-site estimates prior to beginning any pet hair removing car detail. Pet hair leaves behind dander and allergens which provoke allergy triggers. Pets also carry other form of allergens such as dust and dirt on their fur, and transmit them into your car. North Scottsdale Mobile Detailing is committed to removing as much pet hair as possible from within your vehicle. We thoroughly work our way through every nook, cranny, and crevice so you can continue bringing your pet on board!

We service a variety of vehicles from cars and trucks to motorcycles, RV’s, and ATV’s. If your vehicle has wheels, we can clean it. We specialize in luxury unique and recreational vehicles. North Scottsdale Mobile Detailing is equipped to handle all of your vehicle cleaning needs. 

*Extra fee for excessively dirty vehicles with, pet hair, pet mess, vomit, mold/mildew, rotten food, etc.

Please let us know if your vehicle has an issue such as these so we can make sure to schedule enough time and be properly prepared to remedy the issue.

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